Great word of mouth is absolutely the best advertising I could ever hope for!  Thank you so much to my amazing clients for being nice enough to share some of their testimonials here and for recommending me to your friends, family, and co-workers.  I’m glad I could help solve your problems and find you awesome homes.  Outstanding service is what I try to be all about and what I’d like to think really sets me apart as a REALTOR®.


Rob Freeman is more than just a Real Estate Agent. He was recommended to me by word of mouth and far exceeded all expectations. I was in an extremely volatile and hostile living situation and had finally made the decision to leave with my one year old son. Once I made my mind up, I wanted out at that very minute but knew there was a lot of work to do to get there.

I met with Rob and explained the situation and urgency. He promised he would be proactive and held true to his word. He connected me with a Mortgage Broker and a Notary who were also proactive. There is a shortage of houses in Nanaimo and especially in the $400K price range I was looking for. What was available either needed a tremendous amount of work or was sold instantly.

Rob was one of the only people who knew I had made this decision and it had to be kept quiet. Rob kept me up to date by email and text as I was not able to speak on the phone. We met to view homes on my lunch break. He always made himself available for when I could meet if even only briefly and we sped through viewing. Any questions I had on homes, he immediately contact the other Realtors and obtained answers for me so that I could make decisions. I made on offer on a home that was in a bidding war and came in second. I made another offer – full price on a home and the seller decided to remove the listing from the market.

It was an emotional roller coaster that I was not sharing with anyone. Rob remained a rock for me staying professional and patient the entire time. At one point I was ready to give up. I thought that maybe I was not meant to escape the situation. Rob was there to encourage me not to give up but keep going forward. One night I received a text from him. The first home I made an offer on and lost had the financing fall through, so I could resubmit the offer. That was at 8 PM at night. Back and forth through email and the offer was accepted and completed by 11 PM that night. Three weeks later my son and I moved into this beautiful, peaceful little home.

Our daily lives have been transformed. I could not have done it without Rob’s support and hard work and encouragement to never give up. I am so grateful to Rob for the role he played in all of this and know I could not have done this without him. Whatever situation someone might have to move, big or small, I would highly recommend Rob Freeman as I know he puts the same attention and dedication to finding all his clients the right home to suit their needs.

–Name Withheld


When we decided to move across the country from Ontario to Vancouver Island, we knew we needed a realtor we could trust and who would go the extra mile to help us find the perfect home while making a long distance move. Rob did not disappoint!

Rob was available to answer questions at any random hour of the day that we decided to call and he dropped everything to show us listings when we showed up in Nanaimo last minute and unannounced. Rob was always quick to respond to requests and questions and we felt like he was always on top of even the smallest details.

We were impressed with Rob’s ability to quickly and correctly assess what we were looking for in our dream home. He helped us navigate the decision making process and in the end we were able to find the perfect home for our family! We would recommend Rob without hesitation!

–Matt and Gina Woods


My partner and I (along with our almost 2-year-old daughter) were moving to Nanaimo and recently booked a trip to Nanaimo for a few days to find a place to live.

Knowing we were working with a small window of time, Rob lined up viewings for the houses we were interested in. During each viewing, he gave us space and time to consider each home and whether we thought it would work for our family. He was also incredibly supportive throughout the process, reassuring us (multiple times) that he would find us something that we loved. And sure enough, after 13 viewings, we did! Rob then worked to secure the home for us in a matter of hours.

If you’re looking for a realtor who is very good at his job, but who will also make buying a house fun – Rob is your guy! We can’t recommend him highly enough.

Rob, we are so happy that we had the chance to work with you. You went above and beyond for us. Thank you so much for everything!

–Mike and Janet  


We met Rob at an open house and knew right away that we had found the right Realtor.  His delicious, homemade cookies reinforced our decision, of course 😉  Right from the start, he took the time to listen to us and what we were looking for, and helped us narrow in our search as he got to know us even more.  Rob has been a pleasure to work with, keeping us on track and making sure all of the important details were in in order so that everything went to plan. We would highly recommend him!

–Jordan and Heather


As first time home buyers, we didn’t know what to expect about the buying process.  Rob was not only knowledgeable, but very helpful and patient with our inexperience.  He never got frustrated with our requests to see yet another “project home,” and he always made time for fast showings of any place we thought would get swooped up quick.  Rob was very prompt about responding to us or inquiring about information we wanted.  We can’t recommend him enough, thanks for everything Rob!

–Ryan and Jen 


The Rob Freeman Experience: If we had to give it a title, it would be “service excellence.” From start to finish in the process, Rob’s energy, enthusiasm, guidance, and willingness to build trust was exceptional. Rob applied his expertise, experience, and training to offer a seamless transition from us being in the rental market to home ownership. We heard that embarking on your first home purchase is stressful. Yet, with Rob’s guidance, our experience was stress-free! If you’re searching for a REALTOR® who listens and takes action on your needs, then Rob’s willingness to put in the effort will not leave you disappointed. During viewings, Rob likes to use a scale of “1 to Unicorn”. Well, Rob is definitely a unicorn among Nanaimo REALTORS®!

–Tricia and John


I met Rob at an open house I visited in summer.  I stopped in because the neighborhood was one I liked, even though the house was far too big and out of my price range.  Despite this, Rob was very professional and happy to discuss the home and the market.  He shared insights to the current market conditions that I hadn’t heard before, so I gave him my contact info and he got in touch when I was ready to sell.

After interviewing him and another highly experienced REALTOR®, we decided to go with Rob.  He made it very clear that he wanted my business (even walked my dog while my girlfriend and I discussed the options!) and we felt we really connected on our first meeting.

We priced my home correctly and hit a larger percentage of the market.  We consistently got a lot of traffic thanks to Rob’s RE/MAX connections and were able to sell in the market average time period, for a great price.  We stuck to our budget and were able to then buy a home, also through Rob, with ease.  Rob will have a great career in Nanaimo real estate!

–Jeff Taylor


First off, I just want to say, I was so, SO impressed with Rob – he was pretty much my eyes and ears from start to finish with my real estate purchase. His professionalism, enthusiasm, patience, knowledge, efficiency, work ethic and commitment in getting a property for me – he was hardcore! Loved it!  You want him working for you! He will give it his all to get that property you want.

He listened to what I wanted in a property and I got what I asked for – even with my long list of wants and very limited budget. Tough to do! Plus, to add to that, I was a geographically challenged client – a Canadian living in Saudi Arabia, which, in itself, was a big headache. He was having to communicate with me at odd hours and doing all sorts of behind the scenes things to make sure the deal got done.

He went above and beyond for me. In a paragraph or even two, I cannot convey in words everything that Rob did for me, as it was a lot (and a lot of headache for him). I can say, I am a very happy client and that I wouldn’t have the property I have today if it wasn’t for all of Rob’s hard work. Thank you so much for everything you did Rob! It is very much appreciated!!

I highly recommend Rob to anyone who needs an amazing Realtor!

–Carmen Stansfield


The fact that Rob didn’t fire me as his client is a real testament to his patience! We spent about 3 months working together to find the perfect home for our family. But after all my flip-flopping on locations and must-haves, we found it! (I can’t count how many times I said “I would never want to live in that area, only to call Rob the next day to ask to see a house there!) We could always count on Rob to be quick to respond and to always be looking out for our best interests. He really listened and was able to truly understand what was going to work for our family. We found him to be knowledgeable, honest, and extremely dedicated. After all the time we spent on this endeavour, we consider Rob a friend and will always recommend him to anyone looking for an agent.

Jenn Carter


A real gentleman , very efficient, good sense of humour, great communicator, kept closely in touch, everything we ever wanted from a realtor.  We trust and would definitely recommend, yes!  Excellent service, advice, and recommendations…a master of his trade.

–Alex Cumming


Thank you Rob for always having our best interests in mind, and working so very hard. You got us viewings before the house hit the market and multiple offers above asking price. You were a pleasure to work with, and make a mean cheesecake!

–Jessica Churcher


Rob was awesome to work with!  Through no fault of our own, my deal had to be extended three times.  Rob talked me off the ledge during a few high-stress moments and kept me in the loop the whole time as to where things stood during the process.  His easygoing nature definitely helped me relax and now I’m loving my newly built home!

–Eric Moon


I have to thank Rob Freeman for his incredible work ethic running around looking for our new home!  It is no small task trying to buy a home when you don’t live in the area, but I trusted Rob with this task and I am very happy with the results.  From daily/hourly phone calls to keep us up to date, to attending open houses and home inspections, we had our bases covered!  Buying a home will always be one of the biggest purchases you will make and I recommend using Rob Freeman if you are thinking of making the move to the Island.  PS  A lot less traffic here and still affordable!

John Wilson


Rob was the man we needed to help us out, moving from the Fraser Valley to the Island without knowing anything about anything over there!  He made it very easy, going above and beyond even what a REALTOR® should do!  Hooked me up with new work contacts, was our taxi, looked after things for us if we couldn’t make it across for appointments, and just happens to be a great fella as well!  Thanks for what you did for us, Robbie, I’ll use you again!

–Johnny Moorhouse


I was moving from Alberta and had my sights set on a home on Vancouver Island. I didn’t anticipate the challenges my 110lb Great Dane, teenage son, and budget would create in the hot real estate market here on the island.  Rob to the rescue!!  His patience and great sense of humor helped keep my frustration level in check during the search.  Since I was house hunting remotely, he did some video walkthroughs for me when the online photos didn’t quite cut it and, once I found my new home, he even helped line up my inspectors and tradespeople.  I’ve been in my new home for a while now and have Rob to thank for all his hard work in getting my deal done. I highly recommend him to anyone and will use him the next time I am ready to move – hopefully not for a while yet though.

–Jona Hanna


Pondering the idea of getting out of the Lower Mainland rat race, my family (wife, 3 kids, and dog) were deeply considering a relocation to Vancouver Island.  As they say, “third time’s the charm”.  In the world of real estate, that third charm was Rob Freeman.  I had worked with a couple of other REALTORS® in the never ending quest of trying to find our Island Dream Home but neither of them had spun me the right way. I finally found “my guy” who I knew in an instant would be the person to help us on our journey of finding our ideal home.  Rob is very courteous, polite, and diligent in making sure our needs (and wants) for a new home were met.  And boy were they ever!  With 4400 sq/ft of awesomeness on 1.3 acres steps away from the ocean in beautiful Qualicum Beach, what started out as an agent/client relationship has now formed into a friendship with Rob.  I have mad respect for him as a husband, father and as a human being.  Look no further than Rob Freeman when it comes to your real estate needs, whether buying or selling, you will make no better decision than choosing him as your REALTOR®.  Thanks for everything, my friend!

–Aaron Johnson


Rob was very friendly and easy to work with, as well as very organized when it came to setting up quick, last minute viewings for all the houses we found online.  Never too pushy or “desperate” for the sale, Rob was very approachable and understanding as the criteria for what we looked for changed as we went through the process.   I would recommend Rob to anyone in the Nanaimo area as he’s definitely up and coming in this crazy Vancouver Island real estate world.  As someone who works in sales myself, I can appreciate his rare, customer-centric approach.

–Zack Smith


Honestly, the thought of moving from the Fraser Valley to the Island seemed quite daunting. We knew nothing about Nanaimo and surrounding areas and felt very overwhelmed about paving a new life for our family here. Enter Rob Freeman. He dedicated his time to us when we were in town visiting for 3 days and weren’t even certain we were going to move yet, but we found THE house. We are over the moon excited to have made the move and are so thankful that everything fell into place (much of that was with Rob’s assistance). Rob was our man on the ground on the island when we couldn’t be there. It was such a relief to know that we had someone we could trust to guide us through the process. Thank you Rob! I look forward to seeing you around town!

–Hilary Smeltzer


We recently used Rob for the purchase of our new home. He listened intently to our very detailed list of needs and wants and truly cared about finding us the perfect home for our family. He went above and beyond finding out extra information during the purchase. In the end we found the perfect home for our young family.

–Nickie Dickson


Rob recently helped us find our new home and was wonderful to work with.  He was always available and had the answers to questions we had and also questions for us we didn’t even know we should have had. He worked hard to get us the house we wanted on our timeline and within our budget.  Thanks, Rob.

–Jason Foley


I am so incredibly grateful for Rob!  Real estate can be a difficult and very emotional experience, not to mention extremely stressful. But, with Rob directing the show, I felt so confident and comfortable.  He is so knowledgeable and experienced that I felt completely safe leaving the biggest purchase of my life in his hands, and, as a bonus, he kept me laughing the whole way through.  I would recommend him to my closest family and friends without a doubt or hesitation. He’s amazing!

–Karli Maude


Rob and Dawn did a fabulous job of both selling my home and helping me find a new one. The marketing of my home was so professional, from the beautiful pictures that showcased it, to the back to back showings once it was listed. I was very pleased to get a selling price that set a new high for the neighbourhood. I love my new condo, and was happy to purchase it without multiple bids. Rob was kind and patient throughout the process and I would recommend him to help with your realty needs.

–Sue Newell